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Flotilla - Track your Vessels

Flotilla - Track your Vessels

Manage your fleet, book security teams, search flight availability and research VISA restrictions from a single dashboard

author Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke


Published on 1st Sep 2020

2 minutes read

Having all of your vessel information in one place is something that helps you make decisions in fast-moving environments where it is challenging to know precisely what is going on.

That is why we built Flotilla; a stand-alone fleet dashboard running on either Terrestrial or Satellite AIS where you can manage your entire fleet.

Create your Fleet

Adding a single vessel or an entire fleet of vessels onto Flotilla is super straight forward. In a couple of clicks, you can load an entire fleet into the platform just by dropping in a CSV file. We are happy to do it for you. The largest fleet so far a client uploaded was in excess of 130 vessels.

One of the coolest things about Flotilla is that it does not just stop with the vessels. We give you the tools to track crew nationalities and their home airports, all from the perspective of helping you manage crew changes more smoothly. Whether it is checking VISA restrictions or assessing flight availability on the vessel's voyage plan Flotilla has this covered.

API Integration

We are open to integrating Flotilla with other digital systems and will work hand in hand with your in-house or external technology partners to make this happen.

To make this possible we integrate with Veson Nautical's IMOS and also Compas Cloud as well as proprietary ship operators' digital systems to make sure our users are operating with the latest information. By enabling that information to be accessible across your organisation your crew management team in the Philippines can be making real-time travel decisions based on the voyage charters your European commercial team have just signed saving real money and allowing teams to work better together.

All of our other features stem from Flotilla. The Satellite positional data, refreshed every 4 hours enables bespoke piracy risk reports to be generated instantly given the vessels position and next port of call with the option to book a security team. Our flight availability scanner tracks the vessels port calls, crew nationalities and the home airports of both on-signers and off-signers to optimise the best place to conduct crew changes. Finally CRY4 reports generated from within Flotilla extrapolate from the Nationalities of the crew what the Visa restrictions are, at each port of call.

Challenge us to Solve Problems

Most importantly, if there is something you need Flotilla to do that it doesn't already please let us know. The most interesting solutions we develop are always client-led and we love it when users challenge us to make things happen.

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