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Faster flights and a port scanning tool for an easier experience

Faster flights and a port scanning tool for an easier experience

July roundup

author Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke


Published on 28th Jul 2021

2 minutes read

It has been a busy time for us and we have some great updates, including one that has been a long time coming.

I think my favorite insight this week was from a Crew Manager who mentioned that it would be great to be able to see the Local Time on board her vessels, we managed to get that implemented in about 24 hours. That is the best outcome for me, an intelligent insight from Crew Managers and fast implementation from our Engineers.

So now if you are wondering if the Master will be awake when you call a vessel you can now see the local time on the vessel in Flotilla. 🙌🚢

This weeks update:

  1. Improved flights - We integrate a large number of data sources - from direct-to-airline NDC capability to aggregators and travel agents - to provide as comprehensive a view of the flight landscape as we can. Unfortunately this has meant a slower and less responsive experience than we would have liked. No more! Flights now update within a few seconds, and we stream in additional results as we hear back from servers around the world. (See a demo here).

  2. Crew Change Scanning - the tool where we assess the best ports along your voyage plan to conduct crew changes - now is available in a table format allowing you to review all the options instantly and to isolate the best location to do a crew change (See a demo here).


Exciting things coming up...

Instantly assess whether crew can travel. This is exciting because we will be able to give you a traffic light system on which ports along your vessels route crew can change at.

And the best thing is that is is specific to the crew nationalities onboard your vessel.

  1. Green - Crew Can Change no additional documentation required
  2. Amber - Crew Can Change Subject to Documentation and PCR Requirements
  3. Red - No Crew Change allowed
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