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Incremental progress - small changes, big difference

Incremental progress - small changes, big difference

Proximity Changes, downloadable spreadsheets, UI changes

author Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke


Published on 12th Aug 2021

1 minutes read

We have a brief update for you today, but a big one...

We have implemented an update to the platform that color-codes whether nationalities can change at a port subject to immigration restrictions.

It is a way to rapidly assess hundreds of Crew Change options in seconds to focus on the ones you can make happen.

And we look at all ports of call along a route, you can set the proximity, 20 or 60 miles - it is up to you.

You get to see a clear-cut overview of where the specific nationalities that need to do a crew change can get on and off.

In the below example the platform assessed crew changes at 42 ports within a 60 Nautical Mile radius of the voyage. You can see the live report by logging into the platform here.

If you want to search for flights at that location just click "Add port to Route" and redo the search.

Then we deliver flight options from ATPI or your chosen flight provider in a couple of seconds.

Finally, if you need to share this information with owners or charterers, you can either save the report and generate a link in the Top Right-hand corner:

Or you can download an Excel Spreadsheet:

We just had a whole host of feedback from Clients on things they want us to improve so you can expect to see some more updates from us soon!

Have a great week.

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