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Automated Agency Outreach

Automated Agency Outreach

Our plan to automate 10-20 emails every time a voyage plan changes.

author Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke


Published on 1st Sep 2020

2 minutes read

The latest features coming out are listed at the top with a release date and everything that is finished is outlined below with a video linking to any demonstrations. 🙌

What problem we solve:

Crew Managers currently have to manually reach out and double-check the latest updates on whether Crew Changes are happening along a vessels' route in case an option comes up to action a crew change. For each vessel, this can be 10-20 emails.

How we solve the problem:

Any time a vessels voyage plan changes (whether detected on AIS, IMOS, Compas Cloud integrations) Greywing automatically emails all Agents on that route within a defined proximity (normally 20-50 Nautical Miles) set by the crew manager to assess what Crew Changes have happened at that location and for which nationalities.

How users trigger the solution:

Users can trigger the solution by switching it on or off for each vessel with the option to either contact their port agents or Greywing can contact port agents in general. We send the email on behalf of the User with their email in CC so that whenever the vessels change destination the email is instantly sent to relevant agents and any positive feedback on whether crew changes are happening is in our Client email inbox asap.

This is a typical voyage plan on Greywing and you can see the Agents that we have identified marked out by the Purple and Green birds in the image. We are building in automated outreach to these agents right now.


We recently completed some manual testing with one of our clients on three vessels that they need to conduct crew changes with urgently. They gave us the upcoming ports of call, the crew nationalities and the crew home airports where they needed to fly home.

Using this information we manually reached out to all agents within 50 nautical miles of the proposed route and as a result generated some new options for the client that they had not found themselves.

Actually doing this process took our team of 2 people, 3 days working manually for all three vessels to follow up and ensure we got a Yes or No from the agent. Now, so long as the agent is awake, this should be achieved in a couple of hours or less

Based on their extremely positive feedback we have prioritised this for delivery and the technical team are completing it this week.

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