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The Greywing Story

The Greywing Story

Who Nick & Hrishi are and how Greywing started.

author Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke


Published on 18th Aug 2020

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Nick & Hrishi met at Entrepreneur First, a start-up incubator focused on matching founders who otherwise may never have met.

Nick spent 4 years in the British Royal Marines before founding the maritime security firm Citadel in 2011, which protected commercial shipping, superyachts, and offshore oil and gas projects from piracy in the Indian Ocean & West Africa. Nick ran Citadel for over 10 years and grew it into a multi-million dollar business. However he could see that the traditionally opaque maritime security industry would be better served by a digital approach to managing risk that was transparent, auditable and evidence-based. Standards that could only be met on a digital platform guided by data.

The problem was he was based in Bristol in the UK, and he knew that to make this happen, he needed to find the right person to help him make it happen.

With this vision in mind, Nick travelled to Singapore, where the best elements of the tech industry and the shipping industry converge, to join Entrepreneur Firsts 7th Cohort of Founders in January 2019.

Hrishi counts ten years in technology, split between consumer-centric and deep-tech industries around South-East Asia. Three years in electronics, two years in Finance, three in Insurtech and two years in Academia. He has worked with the Singapore Exchange, Venture Capital firms in Singapore, National Geographic, and one of the largest insurance brokers in India to name a few. He has also published three papers in Computer Security & Human Computer Interaction, as well as co-authoring a patent in thermal-technology fire detection. He has built data platforms that served over 100,000 users, and leads the technology side of Greywing.

When they started Greywing in May 2019, the focus was solely on connecting clients in a security marketplace to maritime security solutions. In March 2020 their clients started talking to them about Crew trapped offshore, unable to disembark and travel home. The Founders agreed to brainstorm for a couple of days on what solutions they could come up with to help. Three days turned into a month and then that month turned into Landfall, the Greywing suite of products to help get crew home.

Since then they have deployed multiple products to enable crew managers to automate the process of sourcing flights home for on-signers and off-signers, reducing the amount of time it takes to source solutions from hours and sometimes days, to minutes and seconds.

Today Greywing has evolved into a platform that takes the best of technology and applies it to complex maritime problems centered around risk and humans.

We are focused on making sure our existing clients have an awesome experience with us as we believe their happiness and recommendations are the best way to grow long term. If one of our clients has mentioned us to you and you are interested in operating at the leading edge of maritime tech, then feel free to reach out.

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