to unlock millions in Commercial Revenue.

Ocean Oracle reads your
Engineering Manuals
Technical Incident Reports
Machinery Manuals
Cargo Operations Manuals
Engineering Manuals
so you dont have to.

Talk to your data

Upload complex manuals and technical documents and have a conversation with them as you would with a colleague.


Create a searchable knowledge base

Interact with your data easily and draw smart conclusions quickly with Ocean Oracle.


Plug in any kind of manual.

Whether its a complex machinery manual with diagrams or a simple PDF containing instructions, we plug that in for you so that it's ready to query on Ocean Oracle.

No more complex data trapped in your storage drive.

Ocean Oracle doesn't change your process, it improves the way you get to an outcome.

You most likely have a lot of data sitting in storage with data that could be actionable. Ocean Oracle is here to help with that.


Talk in your language.

Ocean Oracle operates in 50 languages so you can talk to it like a real person. Ask questions, and if you are not sure, you can ask Ocean Oracle to clarify.

Share your insights with the team.

There's data that you need to pull regularly and they're just sitting trapped in PDFs. You can turn that into insights which you can either copy to your clipboard or share with your team.

How does it work?

Drag and drop your vessel's manuals and sit back while Ocean Oracle digests all of the complex schematics for you. Or you can email them to us and we can set up your account to view those PDFs.


Little to no integration time.

Create your knowledge base within a couple of hours. Turn your data into actionable insights by uploading manuals in under 2 hours.

Navigate to a decision point quickly.

With a handy page viewer that navigates you to relevant sections, you can cross-check all insights and skip to the parts of the document that matters.


Beautifully simple.

If you can talk then you are qualified to use Ocean Oracle. With a clear chat box, voice activated response bar, and a document upload reader, you can navigate Ocean Oracle with no training.

Use it on mobile.

Activate SeaGPT on the move. We make it easy to just ask a question instead of making you log into multiple platforms to reach a decision point.

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