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Crew changes in <10 clicks.

Plan all stages of your crew change: From selecting the relevant off-signers and on-signers, to nominating a port call, transacting with a port agent, and picking travel fares for your crew. Coordinate your entire crew change in one workflow and hand off the work to the other stakeholders.

Bring on your travel agencies.or work with our onboarded global travel agencies.


Integrate your port agencies.or work with our onboarded port agencies.


Share your crew plans with anyone.Include collaborators to any crew plan.


Holistic overviews for smart crew changes.Get an apples-to-apples comparison across all ports for crew changes.


Say goodbye to panicked and uncertain crew changes.

Manage costs by comparing quotations from vendors.


Hand off the flight booking process to a trusted travel agent.


Feed in updated on-signer and off-signer data from your crewing database.


All within GDPR compliance to ensure security for your data.


And hello to one beautifully coordinate crew change workflow.

InterconnectedPull data from your voyage management system, crewing software, port agents, and travel agents.

VigilantReceive alerts on any of your crew plans so that you can jump right in to make amendments.

ComfortableAccess the crew change workflow from your desktop in-office or on your mobile after-hours.

AccurateOur crew change costs are estimates based around quoted pricing so that you have a gauge around the cost of your crew changes.

Turn your data into Crew Changes.


Proteus for CharteringTurn your voyage and cargo data into decisions.

Crew Matrix PlanningCoordinate crew plans across your fleet 18 months in advance.

QuickFlySource, reserve, and book marine fares from your travel agencies within seconds.

Automated Crew Change OutreachAutomate your conversations to crew change vendors and get to a decision in seconds.

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