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Top 3 Nearby Airports

(COR) a.l.v. taravella

(MDZ) el plumerillo

(ROS) islas malvinas

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Visa Information

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Port Restrictions


  • Are there any restrictions on vessels whose previous port call was from COVID -19 high risk countries?
    • Prior to vessel’s arrival, specific documents and information must be submitted to the health authorities to obtain free pratique authorisation from the sanitary authorities depending on the situation. These documents need to be submitted to the sanitary authorities 96 hours before arrival at Recalada. If NO crew change is conducted prior 14 days of arrival to Recalada no additional documents/information are required; while if there has been crew changes within the last 14 days prior arrival to Recalada additional documents must be submitted together with free pratique request (See attachment).
      • Crew temperature and medical log book 10 days prior arrival to Recalada (DAILY)
      • Maritime Declaration of Health
      • SSCEC
      • IMO Crew List. [must state nationality and date/place of embarkation].
      • Passenger list [if any].
      • Last 10 ports of calls.
      • Medicine/Narcotic list. and its use in the last 14 days
      • Traveller’s health declaration. [1 per crewmember]
      • Daily Body Temperature records till your departure. [Records must be logged twice a day].
      • Medical log book, stating stock and usage of medicines. (DAILY)
      • Statement by the master regarding any crew change made in the last 14 days. If...

Flight Restrictions

  • COVID-19 entry regulations lifted on 26 August 2022.

Agency Costs

  • Crew Change Assistance 1-10: USD 110 per pax
  • Crew Change Assistance 11+: USD 80 per pax
  • Coordination of Booked Services: USD 70
  • Launch Hire Coordination: USD 120
  • Meet & Greet: USD 240

Last updated on 30th Mar 2022

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