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Release of the first automatic AI-powered Crew Matrix Planning (CMP) Tool in Maritime.

Release of the first automatic AI-powered Crew Matrix Planning (CMP) Tool in Maritime.

IINO Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. (IINO) has adopted an AI-based Crew Matrix Planning (CMP), program developed in collaboration with Greywing Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based technology startup.

Published on 30th Oct 2023

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A Japanese shipping company, IINO Lines, established and development project with Greywing, late last year, in 2022 to reduce workload of ship managers and reallocate their expertise to projects with higher economic added value and solutions to social issues such as decarbonization.

A big part of their attempt was the move towards the automation of repetitive tasks in Crew Matrix Planning, the solution for which was not readily available in the market at that time, and after extensive search, Greywing was chosen against other technology companies as the partner for the greenfield project. IINO Lines has collaborated extensively with Greywing to build out this planning engine by feeding intel on its crew planning process and management expertise for Greywing’s crew allocation model. This newly developed product features some of the nonexhaustive functions:


  1. Automatic real-time crew matrix planning based on the crew on board

  2. Automatic crew succession planning for the next 18 months.

  3. Product Features including Overview of Oil Major Compliances and Modifying Accepted Crew Change Events.

  4. User-friendly interface that can be operated intuitively

Keitaro Watanabe, Manager of Global Business Sect. of Business Strategy Dept, IINO Lines, said;

IINO’s working experience with the Greywing team has been nothing but smooth and collaborative. With Greywing’s timely project delivery and Greywing’s further intent to work with, in Greywing’s words - “an agile and cooperative team” like IINO, we plan to further develop this tool and explore additional projects with Greywing in the coming years.

Nick Clarke, CEO of Greywing, commented;

What stood out to me about our project with IINO, was the commitment of the IINO team in engaging with Greywing, and ensuring that we maintained a weekly cadence of calls with all stakeholders involved. This enabled us both to work in harmony and to deliver a complex project that had not been previously achieved in the maritime industry. In general, software projects are notorious for being delivered late and over budget. Collaborating with a partner like IINO Lines, enabled us to deliver the project ahead of schedule and under budget, something that is almost unheard of in the maritime technology space. I am grateful for the trust that the IINO Team placed in Greywing, and to the Greywing Team for their hard work to deliver this project successfully.

Kenji Togasaki, Senior Vice President, IINO LINES (U.S.A.) INC. Commented;

In the search for an innovation partner to deliver this project we searched high and low, and after a lot of effort, decided on Greywing because they recognize the benefits of collaborating with corporations. They were curious and excited to hear our problems, quick enough to respond and develop the first ever product that most tanker companies are looking for. I am confident that our collaborative product has the power to reshape the industry.

Hrishi Olickel, CTO at Greywing, commented;

Being able to do months of crew planning in one go was not something we were sure could be accomplished, especially taking into account compliance and other factors on a per-vessel basis. With IINO's help working with the data, we are proud to place Crew Matrix Planning into production as an AI-assisted planning tool.

About Greywing Pte. Ltd.

Greywing is a digital maritime intelligence and operations platform that helps shipping companies automate their crew changes, crew matrix planning, and Port and Travel Agency Communications. Greywing integrates over thirty vendors, including market-leading crew & voyage management software, travel agents, port agencies with zero start time. Along with the Crew Change Planning Tool and Crew Matrix Planning Engine, Greywing also released a Gen-AI tool and a virtual assistance for email overwhelm in Maritime - SEA-GPT earlier this year. At the core of Greywing’s technology is building products that companies want to solve complex problems in the maritime industry.

Link to the full article in Japanese is here.


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