Find out if you're a good fit for Generative AI.

Hidden in your data, is your new chartering assistant.

Talk to your data

Query your voyage and cargo data to assess patterns, predict cargo trends, generate graphics and reports, query charter party clauses, and analyze market reports. Do it all in a couple of seconds.


Let AI into your operations.

Create your own personalized knowledge base by connecting Proteus to your Voyage Management System, Prefixture data, Market Reports, or Excel. Plug in commercial data from any source and watch as Proteus turns it into actionable intelligence.


Plug in any kind of data.

Whether that's data you downloaded from Outlook or data on Excel, we plug that in for you so that it's ready to query on Proteus.

No more complex data trapped in voyage systems.

Proteus doesn't change where you are going. It speeds up the process of finding your way there.

Most likely you have too much data to navigate. Proteus can help.


Talk in your language.

Proteus operates in 50 languages so you can talk to Proteus like a real person. You can ask questions, and if you are not sure, you can ask Proteus to clarify.

Share your insights with the team.

There's some data that you need to pull out regularly from your voyage systems - whether its a cargo handling cost breakdown on a port to port basis, or just to get information on a vessel's cargo utilisation. Proteus can get you all to that point of automation.

How does it work?

Plug your voyage system into Proteus either via an API key or by giving us a login. We pull that data into Greywing, clean it, label it, and analyze it.


Little to no integration time.

Integrate in as little as two weeks. We run all of our software including, the LLM's that we use, in compliance with strict data protection regulations and you retain ownership of your data. We work with our clients to strike the right balance of turning your data into a competitive advantage whilst protecting your most valuable asset.

Privacy is built in.

AI is going to get expensive, and with the number of queries people make, it's going to start costing a lot. Greywing subsections your queries over 5 different LLM models, to ensure that your data is held and dealt with the highest level of privacy. More importantly, none of your company data gets pushed to public sources.

Unique model.

We have a provisional patent for the type of AI we employ to query your voyage system. The process of getting a patent involves rigorous filtering and cross-assessment across the board which marks our technology as unique and the first-of-its-kind, which is a benefit that also extends to our users. Greywing is also one of very few providers who can work with very large datasets (millions of rows), and process them with AI within seconds.


Beautifully simple.

If you can talk, then you are qualified to use Proteus. With a clear chat box, voice activated response bar, and a document upload reader, you can navigate Proteus with no training required.

Use it on mobile.

Activate Proteus on the move. We make it easy to just ask a question instead of making you log into multiple platforms to reach a decision point.

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